Educational Programs

Our educational programs are designed to teach the latest technology in the respective areas and build the skills which are in high demand and garner a high wage. Students have two options within both programs of study. All courses are college accredited and can be applied to an Associate of Applied Science degree or students can choose the Certificate Training option. Click the links below to learn more about the programs.

Electromechanical Technology

The Electromechanical Technology program prepares students for high wage job opportunities in many different areas. Our Graduates play a vital role in keeping our high-tech world running. They conceive, design, build, operate and maintain the systems and processes in a variety of industries. Graduates experience a multi-disciplinary program that allows them to be a highly productive team member; often bridging the gap between the engineer and the layperson that is charged with implementing the design. For more details click here.

Employment/Placement Demand

Because of the level of skill and responsibility required, positions in the area of electromechanical technology usually offer above average pay and benefits. As large and small companies continue to install high-tech production systems, graduates from this program are provided with opportunities for advancement into management positions. Typical starting titles include, Control Systems Technician, Instrumentation/Automation Technician, Electrical/Electronic Maintenance Technician and Instrumentation Technician. Typical starting salaries range from $35,000 - $45,000 per year. There are many opportunities locally in this field and oftentimes students are offered positions even before they graduate from their program.

Facilities and Equipment

Industry support of the program allows for current industry standard equipment in the classroom, which provides an authentic learning environment for students. Equipment such as state of the art motor control trainers, programmable logic controllers (PLC) and instrumentation equipment are used in the learning experience provided to OSU Institute of Technology students.

Manufacturing Technologies

The Manufacturing Technology program prepares students for job opportunities in many different areas of the economy. Students experience a multi-disciplinary program that allows them to be a highly productive team member in the work place. Students are expected to become more than just experts in machine operation. Educational experiences at OSU Institute of Technology/MAIP prepare students to be effective team members, problem solvers and leaders. Students are exposed to the "big picture" and not just their area of the manufacturing process. For the entire program click here.

Employment/Placement Demand

Even in today’s slowing economy there is a shortage of qualified machining technicians and the need is expected to continue to grow as the aging workforce begins to retire. Currently there are over 20,000 job openings nation wide and growing as workers retire more quickly than new qualified workers are available. Placement has been near 100 % with typical starting salaries ranging from $28,000 - $40,000 per year.

Facilities and Equipment

The equipment and technology available allows the students to become well versed in the machining and fabrication trade. Students will train on a variety of equipment including Haas Automation machining centers, Bridgeport conventional mills, Dimension 3D printers and SolidWorks CAD/CAM software.

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